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» tangled up in me ;

you can't even imagine how happy you make me.

1 January

Well, people define me as simple, mature, and so Japanese-ish / Chinese-ish. To begin with, I'm a simple girl who likes simple things — although I am quite weird. Moody, impatient, short-tempered, and hard-headed. I can be physically violent at some times; sadist. Often cold and a snob, causing people to think I'm bad, but after they get to know me, they change their minds. At least, for some I know. Either good or bad, I do things my way, not other person's way because I am me. Personally, I love Nakamura Shungiku's yaoi creations.

I love anything that is red. I love band-aids; yeah, band-aids. Photoshop 7/CS5. Color bars. Rainbow bars. Drawing. Nine. Sweets. Sea foods. Oreo. Chocolate chip cookies. PSP. Harvest Moon Series. Ragnarok Online. RPGs. Animé. Manga. RyoSaku. Brown. Gray. Silver. Yellow. Zack Fair. Son Goku of Saiyuki. Echizen Ryoma. Roxas. Sora. Onion Knight. Usui Takumi. Sebastian Michaelis. Nine of FF: Type-0. Orihara Izaya. Kazehaya Shota.

I make my own edited PS stuffs with the exception of profile/journal layouts.

I write down stories. With random scenarios. And long, complicated sentences that would make your brain twist in confusion. I like writing down stories during rainy days. I dunno. Maybe because it's cold and it makes me think thoroughly.

Fluffy stories never fail to make me giggle and squeal in my nastiest days. The same goes with oh-so fluffy pictures. Admittedly, I'm a sucker for romance and cheesy lines.

I don't really, really like clowns because they creep me out. (And I would think I have phobia on those.) I hate ketchup and mayonnaise, especially their scents. Eew. Lastly, I can't take nor stand horror movies and games, especially the gory ones. (Do expect me to turn pale or faint.)